Monday, 25 March 2013

Finger Knitting (It's Great!)

Recently, a friend and I taught ourselves to finger knit using this video:

I managed to pick it up after watching it just the once, and I LOVE IT.

Why finger knitting is amazeballs:
  • It's really easy - I would recommend this to anyone, even children. Lots of people online are saying it keeps their children occupied for ages, and it encourages creativity! I am considering teaching it to my Guides.
  • It's really quick - Significantly quicker than actual knitting. If you are planning to knit something long and thin, I would definitely recommend considering finger knitting it instead. It's at least ten times as fast.
  • It looks good - The end effect is really pretty, it looks as if it was harder and took longer than it actually did.
Ahhh. Pretty!
My friend and I are planning to finger knit as many metre long strands as we can between now and the summer, and then weave them together to make a rug/blanket. Not quite sure how it will turn out!

Here are some finger knitting project ideas:
  • A skipping rope - Children will love making something that they can actually play with and use.
  • A hair tie or headband - Would look cute tied in a little girl's hair, maybe there are some grown women who could pull it off too!
  • Bracelet/ Necklace - I personally think a bracelet would be more effective, but both would be very pretty!
  • Party Decorations - Imagine these hung around a room like streamers, and they're re-usable!
  • Project decorations - Arrange on a knitted project and sew in place. For example, on a cushion or a bag! 
  • Scarves - Very thin and fashionable ones. Or alternatively, scarves for dolls or toys.

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