Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Simple Knitted Crown

Here's a pattern for all the little (and big) princesses and princes out there. Perfect for dressing up, and much more durable than a paper crown!

I came up with this really simple pattern when I was trying to find a crown pattern on the internet, there are lots of brilliant intricate ones, but I wanted something quick and simple that I could give to my princess obsessed niece.

You will need:
Less than a quarter of a ball of wool, colour of your own choosing
4.5mm needles
Darning needle (for sewing up)
You may also want to attach buttons and beads to your crown to be jewels!

Stitch abbreviations:
K  -       knit
M1 -     make 1 new stitch (I usually do this by picking up a loop of wool from the previous row)
K2tog - knit two stitches together

The Pattern:

Cast on 12 stitches
Row 1:    Knit entire row
Row 2:    Knit entire row
Row 3:    K11  M1  K1        count 13 stitches
Row 4:    K1  M1  K12        count 14 stitches
Row 5:    K13  M1  K1        count 15 stitches
Row 6:    K1  M1  K14        count 16 stitches
Row 7:    K15  M1  K1        count 17 stitches
Row 8:    K1  M1  K16        count 18 stitches
Row 9:    K17  M1  K1        count 19 stitches
Row 10:  K1  M1   K18       count 20 stitches
Row 11:  Knit entire row
Row 12:  K1  K2tog  K17    count 19 stitches
Row 13:  K16  K2tog  K1    count 18 stitches
Row 14:  K1  K2tog  K15    count 17 stitches
Row 15:  K14  K2tog  K1    count 16 stitches
Row 16:  K1  K2tog  K13    count 15 stitches
Row 17:  K12  K2tog K1     count 14 stitches
Row 18:  K1  K2tog K11     count 13 stitches
Row 19:  K10  K2tog K1     count 12 stitches
Row 20:  Knit entire row

Repeat these 20 rows a further five times for a child's crown (total of six pointy bits!) and a further six times for an adult's crown (seven pointy bits).

Bind off.

I would suggest sewing any beads or buttons you want onto the crown before sewing up. Please, if you are sewing buttons or beads on a crown for a small child, make sure they are SUPER secure.

Sew up the sides, and your crown is finished!


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