Monday, 1 April 2013

Springtime Jam Jar Cover

At a Rainbow meeting a few weeks ago, the girls were planting Peacock Orchid bulbs. I took mine home and put it in a jam jar.

A bit dull. What could jazz it up a bit? Of course! I knitted a 'Springtime Jam Jar Cover'.

Ta da! This is very easy to make if you can knit, purl, and understand intarsia knitting. I used 4.5mm needles and 6 different colours of double knit wool. Designed for jam jar measuring between 21cm and 24cm around.

Download the Knitting Chart Here:
Springtime Jam Jar Cover Knitting Chart PDF

Please remember, that when following a knitting chart, your knit rows go from right to left, and your purl rows from left to right. Also, when changing colour, be sure to wrap the new colour wool around the first to avoid holes in your knitting.

When you've completed all 25 rows and have cast off, your jam jar cover should be looking like this:

At this point, to avoid the edges curling over, I would recommend blocking your knitting. My preferred method of doing this is to pin out my knitting, spray it lightly with water, and then to place something heavy on top for a few hours. This will flatten the work and hopefully prevent it from curling over.

Now, weave in all your loose ends at the back of your work, sew up the short edges and, hey presto! You've finished your Springtime Jam Jar Cover. Place on jar, and maybe add a ribbon.

I use mine as a flowerpot, but of course, you may have other ideas... 

If you don't want to use my knitting chart, and would prefer making one a bit more personal to you, download the Knitbird program from You can download a version of it for free and use it to create your own, simple patterns!

Come on little peacock orchid, grow!

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