Monday, 8 April 2013

Yoda/Dobby Hat

A knitted Yoda or Dobby hat is the perfect gift for a Star Wars or Harry Potter fan. Alternatively, make one for yourself, stick a pillow case on and ta da! You are ready for a fancy dress party.

This is a fairly easy pattern for someone who wants to make a hat that's a little bit different. Both Yoda and Dobby use the same pattern, the only difference is the colour!

You will need -
Approximately a third of a ball of wool, for Yoda I used Stylecraft Special DK Meadow, and for Dobby I used Stylecraft Special DK Parchment
4mm needles
4mm circulars
4mm DPNs
4.5mm needles

Pattern -


Cast on 88 stitches on 4mm straight needles

K1 P1 until the piece measures 4cm, transfer to circulars after a couple of rows (I would suggest placing a stitch marker where the ends have joined together so you know where the start of a new round begins)

When your ribbed border measures 4cm and you've reached the end of a round, continue in knit stitch

Continue knitting in the round until your hat measures approximately 17cm (including the ribbing) in length, complete the round

Decrease for the top of the hat:
Starting a new round, [K6 K2tog] repeat to the end of the round   count 77 stitches

[K5 K2tog] repeat to the end of the round    count 66 stitches

[K4 K2tog] repeat to the end of the round    count 55 stitches

Transfer to DPNs

[K3 K2tog] repeat to the end of the round    count 44 stitches

[K2 K2tog] repeat to the end of the round    count 33 stitches

[K1 K2tog] repeat to the end of the round    count 22 stitches

[K2tog] repeat to the end of the round    count 11 stitches

Leaving about 20cm, cut the end of the wool. Thread onto a darning needle and thread through the remaining 11 stitches and pull tight (drawstring finish), weave in the end on the inside of the hat.


Make 2

Either cast on 8 stitches onto a 4.5mm needle or using a crochet hook, pick up 8 stitches from the hat where you want the ears to be and place on 4.5mm needle.

Row 1  Knit all

Row 2  Knit all

Row 3  K4 M1 K4    count 9 stitches

Row 4  K4 M1 K5    count 10 stitches

Row 5  K1 M1 K8 M1 K1   count 12 stitches

Row 6  K1 M1 K10 M1 K1    count 14 stitches

Row 7  K1 M1 K12 M1 K1    count 16 stitches

Row 8  K1 M1 K14 M1 K1    count 18 stitches

Row 9  K1 M1 K16 M1 K1    count 20 stitches

Row 10  K1 M1 K18 M1 K1    count 22 stitches

Row 11 - 15  Knit all

Row 16  K1 M1 K20 M1 K1    count 24 stitches

Row 17  Knit all

Row 18  K11 K2tog K11    count 23 stitches

Row 19  K11 K2tog K10    count 22 stitches

Row 20  K10 K2tog K10    count 21 stitches

Row 21  K10 K2tog K9    count 20 stitches

Row 22  K9 K2tog K9    count 19 stitches

Row 23  K9 K2tog K8    count 18 stitches

Row 24  K8 K2tog K8    count 17 stitches

Row 25  K8 K2tog K7    count 16 stitches

Row 26  K7 K2tog K7    count 15 stitches

Row 27  K7 K2tog K6    count 14 stitches

Row 28  K6 K2tog K6    count 13 stitches

Row 29  K6 K2tog K5    count 12 stitches

Row 30  K5 K2tog K5    count 11 stitches

Row 31  K5 K2tog K4    count 10 stitches

Row 32  K4 K2tog K4    count 9 stitches

Row 33  K4 K2tog K3    count 8 stitches

Row 34  K3 K2tog K3    count 7 stitches

Row 35  K3 K2tog  K2    count 6 stitches

Row 36  K2 K2tog K2     count 5 stitches

Row 37  K2 K2tog K1     count 4 stitches

Row 38  K1 K2tog K1     count 3 stitches

Bind off

I chose to fold over my ears and sew them down, it's up to you whether you leave them unfolded or not.

If you didn't pick up the stitches from the hat, sew your ears in place.


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