Monday, 6 May 2013

10 Reasons You Should Knit

  1. It's super therapeutic. A lot of people are saying that knitting is the new yoga, and although it doesn't have the health and fitness benefits of yoga, knitting can be very calming (unless you're having to concentrate on all those yarn overs or when to increase/decrease!)
  2. Creating things feels good! It's the closest you'll get to feeling like God must have felt when he created Nutella. Epic.
  3. Avoid that Fancy Dress panic. Want to wear a costume that doesn't exist? Don't want to end up wearing paper mach√© and a bin liner? Knit it! With the internet, it's easy to find patterns for most things, (for example, look at this knitted wig: If it doesn't exist? You definitely have the creative ability to make up your own knitting pattern.
  4. Great gifts! This past year, my friends have been getting knitted gifts for their birthdays. I've found that the time and effort I've put into their presents is really appreciated!
  5. Portable, take your knitting anywhere! When you only really need two needles and a ball of wool,  you can take your knitting anywhere. It's great for passing the time on long train journeys.
  6. Wool hourding. I'm not entirely sure this is a positive, but building up a collection of different coloured wools is massively addictive. I'm not sure why...
  7. It's a personal challenge. Putting in the time and effort to complete a project is a challenge, but one that you will enjoy doing and give you reason to feel proud at the end.
  8. You'll build up major Granny Skills. I don't necessarily want to feed into the stereotype that only little old ladies knit, but, when you do become old and grey, being able to knit will ensure you are the ultimate granny.
  9. It's totally personal and unique. Even if you are following a pattern, you can choose the colour, or add your own little twists to your work. Knitting is a brilliant way of creating something suited specifically to a person, or yourself!
  10. It's cool. It really is. Knitting is becoming more and more popular. And even if it wasn't, it would still be cool, for all of the reasons above and more!


  1. Great blog post! Needless to say: I wholeheartedly agree! ;) lol x

  2. Number 6!! Very strange indeed. Nice lighthearted post.

  3. I agree with everything. Genius :)