Monday, 20 May 2013

Free Knitting Charts!

As I have mentioned before in my 'Monsieur Pomme' post, I am currently in the process of knitting patches for a blanket I am making. I am still far from finishing it, and am dreading the sewing together stage.

I have recently knitted 3 more patches for my blanket, and have decided to share the patterns I created for them on here.

Clean Cut Tortoise
Well Dressed Flamingo
Handsome Hippo

I am pretty pleased with how they have turned out (My favourite is the Well Dressed Flamingo!), and am very happy to share them on Little Knittle. See below for the knitting charts.

Clean Cut Tortoise:

Well Dressed Flamingo:

Handsome Hippo:

When I knitted my patches I used DK wool and 4.5mm straight needles. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Lori
    I run a design drawing directory, and would like to start a section for knitting patterns. Would you be interested in adding any of your free patterns as listings to the directory?
    Simon Rodway

    1. Hi Simon,
      That sounds fantastic, I would definitely be interested!
      Lori Thurston

  2. Love this! I'm new to knitting and I'd love to try out these, I especially love the turtle in the tophat!
    - x