Monday, 29 July 2013

Sock Monkey Hat

Sock Monkey Hats are fun and fashionable. Cute and characteristic. Amazing and awesome! Let's knit one :)

You will need:
4mm straight needles
4mm circular needle
4mm dpns
Colour A DK wool (That's the black, grey and white wool for me. I used Stylecraft Life DK: Granite Marl)
Colour B DK wool (red!)
Colour C DK wool (white)
2 buttons (for eyes)
Cardboard (for making a pom pom)
Darning needle (for sewing up)
Toy stuffing (to fill up the mouth bit)

K  Knit
P  Purl
K2tog  Knit two stitches together
P2tog  Purl two stitches together
M1 Make one by picking up a stitch
CB  Swap to colour B
CC Swap to colour C

Here's what you need to do:

Main Hat Bit
Using your colour A wool, cast on 88 stitches onto 4mm straight needles.

Row/Round 1 - 8: *K1 P1* repeat to end
(At around row four, swap to circular needles, make sure you don't twist the knitting!)

Knit continuously in the round, until the piece measures approximately 14cm in height from the beginning.

At the end of the round, swap to colour B. Knit continuously using colour B for three rounds

Now swap to colour C, continue until the piece measures approximately 17cm from the beginning, making sure to finish at the end of a round.

Now to decrease:
Starting a new round, [K6 K2tog] repeat to the end of the round   count 77 stitches

[K5 K2tog] repeat to the end of the round    count 66 stitches

[K4 K2tog] repeat to the end of the round    count 55 stitches

Transfer to DPNs

[K3 K2tog] repeat to the end of the round    count 44 stitches

[K2 K2tog] repeat to the end of the round    count 33 stitches

[K1 K2tog] repeat to the end of the round    count 22 stitches

[K2tog] repeat to the end of the round    count 11 stitches

Leaving about 20cm, cut the end of the wool. Thread onto a darning needle and thread through the remaining 11 stitches and pull tight (drawstring finish), weave in the end on the inside of the hat.

Mouth bit

Cast on 25 stitches on straight needles in colour C
Row 1  Knit all

Row 2   P1 M1 P23 M1 P1   count 27

Row 3   K1 M1 K25 M1 P1   count 29

Row 4   P1 M1 P27 M1 P1   count 31

Row 5   K4 CB  K9 M1 K9 CC K4   count 32

Row 6   P4 CB P9 M1 P10 CC P4   count 33

Row 7   K4 CB K10 M1 K10 CC K4   count 34

Row 8   P4 CB P10 M1 P11 CC P4   count 35

Row 9   K4 CB K22 CC K4  

Row 10   P4 CB P22 CC P4

Row 11   K4 CB K10 K2tog K10 CC K4   count 34

Row 12   P4 CB P10 P2tog P9 CC P4   count 33

Row 13   K4 CB K9 K2tog K9 CC K4   count 32

Row 14   P4 CB P9 P2tog P8 CC P4   count 31

Row 15  (All in colour C) K1 K2tog K25 K2tog K1   count 29

Row 16   P1 P2tog P23 P2tog P1   count 27

Row 17   K1 K2tog K21 K2tog K1   count 25

Row 18   Purl all

Cast off and weave in ends. Sew into place onto hat, When you have sewn almost all the way around the mouth, stuff it with the toy stuffing, then complete sewing around.

The ears (make 2)
Using colour A, cast on 8 stitches

Row 1   Knit all

Row 2   Purl all

Row 3   Knit all

Row 4   Purl all

Row 5   [K2tog] repeat till end   count 4

Row 6   [P2 tog] repeat   count 2

Row 7   K2

Row 8   P1 M2 P1   Count 4

Row 9   K1 M2 K1 M1 K1 M1 K1   count 8

Row 10   Purl all

Row 11  Knit all

Row 12   Purl all

Cast off, weave in ends and sew into place on hat!

Pom Pom
Make a pom pom using colour B, and sew it on top of your hat. There are loads of pom pom tutorials on the internet. The link below is very clear and easy to follow:

Making up
After sewing on the pom pom, the ears, and the mouth, make sure you also sew on the eyes! Check all your ends have been woven in, and you've finished! Nice one :)

Below are some lovely pictures of me trying out the sock monkey hat that I made.


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